About IBFN



The International Board of Functional Neurology (IBFN) is a certification board. The purpose of any certification, whether it is in a healthcare field or industry, is for the protection of the public. A certification is different from any educational degree, diploma or award. It can only be gained through appropriate testing of a defined set of knowledge, skills and abilities. See the Process of Certification section to understand how these competency standards are derived. A certification with the IBFN, once obtained through testing, must be maintained through continuing education on an annual basis and through periodic, every five years, retesting. This assures the public that the practitioners continue with up to date knowledge and competence.  The IBFN determined to award the title of “Fellow” for those individuals passing the test(s) and maintaining their certification.

The IBFN is a multidisciplinary certification board. That means that more than one professional or licensure group may become certified. Currently, individuals seeking certification include Medical Doctors (MD), Doctors of Osteopathy (DO), Doctors of Chiropractic (DC), Naturopathic Doctors (ND), Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT), Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) and educators of varying qualifications. Each must practice within their scopes of practice using a basic, cross-discipline core of knowledge, skills and abilities. Other disciplines may endeavor to become certified and will be considered on a discipline by discipline basis.

The IBFN umbrella covers the functional neurology core program Fellow certification as well as other specialty program certifications.  The initial examination for the Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disabilities program was held in mid 2018 and the first certificates for Fellow in Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders were given out in October 2018.  The certification testing for CND exams will continue so please contact us for more details or next scheduled dates.  The initial examination for the Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology is scheduled for 2019.

Other sub-specialization certifications will include an examination associated with the functional neurology core and specific to each profession, as listed above, to reflect that profession’s scope of practice. These will be developed by practitioners holding licensure in each specific profession.

The IBFN Board of Directors is composed of one MD, one DC, one ND, one DPT, one DNP and one Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist who is also an OT. A public member with no affiliation with any of these professions will be added within the upcoming months. The Executive Director of the IBFN is Dr. Lucinda Harman. Please see the Board of Directors and the Staff sections for an introduction to each of these individuals.