Lucinda Harman, PhD

Executive Director / President

I was born in Odessa, TX in 1952 and attended Odessa Community College in 1975-1977 to obtain my Associates Degree in Nursing. I discovered a love for neonatology and psychiatry during my training. I then moved to Houston and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of Houston where I led group therapy with post stroke patients suffering from a variety of aphasias.

I studied physiological psychology (now neurosciences) at the University of Louisville, KY where I earned my Master’s and Ph.D. in 1988. During my tenure there, I worked with NIMH and NIH on multiple personality studies including EEG, and regional cerebral blood flow studies. My Master’s thesis was research in the area of spatial haptic laterality that I extended to my Doctoral dissertation to include individuals with multiple personalities.

Since graduation, I have worked in psychiatry, research, neonatology and rehabilitation. In 1998, I became involved with the certification industry by serving on the board of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and eventually as their Executive Director. I resigned from that board in 2014 and have worked in rehabilitation training until June, 2016 when I was selected to serve as the Executive Director of the International Board of Functional Neurology.

I am honored with this appointment and delighted with the paradigm shift toward an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to human behavior and neurological functioning. Being a person with major disabilities, I know what it means to experience dysfunction and to recover function. I have been a keynote speaker in the field of disability and rehabilitation both the physical and developmental areas. I believe that the position as Executive Director will allow me to contribute to the field by leading the certification of Fellows of the International Board of Functional Neurology.