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Documents Needed to Register for the Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Exam

You need to gather these documents IMMEDIATELY. If you do not have the documents, it will delay your registration and reservation in a testing center. Get the documents and put them into one Word document (use the images as inserts) and use the “print” to get to “save as PDF”. Then all will upload at one time. If you have Acrobat Pro, you can do it without going through Word.

  1. Letter of recommendation (professional-colleague) stating that you practice Functional Neurology with Children
  2. Letter of character recommendation stating that you have integrity and high ethical standards
  3. Proof of training to take the exam. Janet can send you a summary of what you have completed if you have not already received a certificate stating that you completed the program.
  4. Copy of your license to practice in your field (DC, MD, NP, PT, OT, etc.)
  5. Photo of yourself

Click here to download a pdf with this information.

Download and complete this Candidate Information in either Word or PDF, complete it and email it to Dr. Harman at also email all of the documents above to her as well. 
To all interested in registering for the Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders examination sponsored by the International Board of Functional Neurology, we only do registration via email to Dr. Harman. Please look at all of the study materials and the eligibility requirements before you register. You must complete your registration at least two weeks prior to setting up your time to take the exam. The actual window will be announced as soon as it is set.
The fee is $800.00. You will pay online with a credit card through this website once the examination window has been set.
You will be taking the examination on your own equipment and will be monitored via live, secure proctoring. The examination is 6.5 hours (2 three hour sections with a 30 minute break). You will not be able to re-enter section A once you have submitted it before your break. You will receive more instructions when you schedule your test. Those of you whose primary language is not English will be provided 1.5 hours extra time (25%). This extra time applies for those who need disability accommodations.
Please contact Dr. Harman, or +1 254-913-0806 for any questions or concerns.