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Fellow of Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Please note, the two windows overlap to some extent. Do NOT delay your registration. The company that will provide the remote proctoring must do a security check and that takes them two (2) days.

The fee is $800.00. You will pay online with a credit card through this website once the examination window has been set.

You will be taking the examination on your own equipment and will be monitored via live, secure proctoring. The examination is 6.5 hours (2 three hour sections with a 30 minute break). You will not be able to re-enter section A once you have submitted it before your break. You will receive more instructions when you schedule your test. Those of you whose primary language is not English will be provided 1.5 hours extra time (25%). This extra time applies for those who need disability accommodations.

Please contact Dr. Harman, lucinda-ech@ibfn.org or +1 254-913-0806 for any questions or concerns.

Take the test to obtain a Fellow of Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders granted by the IBFN upon successful completion! 

Important Testing Tip!

This test is composed of 12 cases with each case having 10 items attached to it. Be sure that when you are looking at the case, you scroll to the bottom of the case so you do not miss critical information. Also, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the item side of the page associated with each case so you do not miss items toward the bottom. There are items attached to videos. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the video section to find the play button. We only have one still image, the rest of these types of items are attached to videos. Please review all of these instructions to make your exam better.

Test Preparation Guide

A Study Workbook for Understanding Games for Treatment: Please download and use to further your learning. This will help you in taking the Fellow exam for Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders. This first training workbook is at no charge. Others will be provided along the way but will have a minimum charge associated to cover the work of development, the work of posting and the work of answering follow-up questions.

Download the following guides as a study aid: